BIAP Brewing Kit

The Background:

All grain home brewing is a much-loved hobby of one of our team members. Unfortunately, all grain brewing requires a reasonable amount of equipment and is not best suited to small apartments. All commercially available products were too bulky, too large in capacity or too small and basic, with limited functionality.

The Problem:

Develop a 2 gallon (10 litre) capacity all grain brewing system, suited to use in a small space and with an open design that would allow further features to be added at a later date. The complete system should be completed with lowest possible material cost.

The Solution:

We completed research on the existing brewing systems and the brewing process. We documented the features of each and then prioritized the essential features and the ones we would want to add over time.
We conceptualised a two-vessel BIAB style system that would allow for manual mash recirculation through the grain bed contained in the malt pipe.
Through the concept generation and detailed design stages, we were scoping out the materials that we could either directly use or adapt to suit our needs.
Through the requirements of the system, it was impossible to avoid the need for some custom parts. To achieve these, we utilised our in-house 3D printer to produce custom tooling which allowed us to bend and form aluminium rod to create the basket hangers.

The Outcome:

This was a fun project that resulted in an easy-to-use brew system cable of producing 2-dozen bottles per batch in the tight confines of a small apartment kitchen. We have thoroughly enjoyed tasting the product!
If you want to read more, the process has been published on Instructables, please see the link here!

BIAP Finished
BIAP Finished

Finished kit assembled ready to use

BIAP Kettle
BIAP Kettle

Looking into the finished kettle

Bending Tool
Bending Tool

3D printed tool used to bend aluminium hangers