Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the plugin?

View the install and setup video above to find out how to install and setup the plugin!

Is Notifi Me safe to use?

Notifi Me contains no malicious code, nor does it collect any meaningful user data without your knowledge. Visit our privacy policy to find out what data is collected.

How do I uninstall Notifi Me?

Uninstall Notifi Me like you would uninstall any other Chrome extension: - Simply right click the icon in your extensions bar - Click "Remove from Chrome"

What's the difference between the free and paid version?

The free version of Notifi Me, allows you to follow one user or server within Discord. This is free forever! However, if you require more features or to follow more users, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. See the pricing tab for more information.

Why can I only follow 1 user or server?

The free version of Notifi Me allows users to follow either 1 user or 1 server. If you would like to follow more users/servers, upgrade to the premium plan to follow unlimited users and servers.

Is Notifi Me owned/approved by Discord

Discord has no assoociation with Notifi Me. They are two completely seperate companies. Notifi Me acts just the same as BetterDiscord, an external plugin which adds features not natively included in Discord. For this reason use Notifi Me at your own risk. Visit our terms & conditions for more info.

Why can't I change my email at Stripe checkout

As Notifi Me works with your Discord account, we use the same email as is used for your Discord. This is to ensure Notifi Me is linked with our Stripe gateway as the information is the same.

How can I switch on popup notifications

Popup notifications is a paid feature. To enable this, first make sure you are on the paid plan. Next head to the sttings menu in the top right corner. This will open the settings menu. In the settings menu, you will see a " Browser Notification Popup" with a toggle next to it. Toggle the switch so it goes greeen. Browser notifications are now switched on! When you recieve a single notification, you will see the message on the right hand side of your Chrome window. When you recieve multiple notifications you will see a message with the number of notifications you have recieved on the right hand side of your Chrome window.

Why is there a slight delay with notifications?

Unfortunately, this is a Discord limitation, not a limitation of Notifi Me. Notifications will come through every few seconds, sometimes they might not be instant.